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Come Back From An Exercise Break pg1


How long has it been since you exercised – a week? A month? Ah, more like a year? There are many reasons why even the most active women fall out of their established exercise routines. Falling off the exercise wagon happens easily and motivation can be obliterated in as little as one week. ‘It only takes one night of coming home from work and thinking, "No, I won’t go to the gym tonight, I’ll go tomorrow," and then the next thing you know a week has gone by,’ says personal trainer, Lisa Brown. ‘After a week you forget how much energy exercise will give you, so you get into that vicious cycle of feeling tired and not wanting to exercise.’ The next thing you know, it’s been two weeks, three weeks, a month…

So, how can you get back on the horse – or bike, or treadmill, as the case may be? You simply have to pull on your tights and get that first workout out of the way. ‘Once you take that first step, you’ll remember all the benefits exercise brings,’ says Brown.

Then use the afterglow of exercise-induced energy and endorphins to build momentum and re-establish your routine by upping your workouts to two or three times a week.


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