Body Clues You Shouldn't Ignore pg5
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Body Clues You Shouldn't Ignore pg5


It starts like this: First, you notice a weird physical sign. Slightly concerned, you ponder what it may mean and if it’s worth describing to a doctor. Then it happens again, or it never goes away in the first place. Now you start worrying, and you try to diagnose yourself online – but that leaves you even more panicked because you’re forced to weed through so much scary, needless information. All you want to know is what’s going on, and is it serious?

Relax – we understand how an out-of-the-blue issue can make you a nervous wreck, so we’ve come up with a way to help you get a grip. Here, a guide to a few mystery symptoms that strike young women. With the help of leading health experts, we’ve sifted through all the possibilities and found surprising – and more importantly, reassuring – explanations.

1. Your Eyelid Twitches Uncontrollably The culprit could be your birth control pills. ‘The oestrogen in the Pill often triggers hair growth when you first go on it, but a few to several months later, hair goes through a loss phase,’ explains Dr. Sweet. ‘Since you have more hair to lose, you see more of it on your brush or in the shower drain.’ You may also notice a wider, more pronounced parting. Don’t ditch your oral contraceptive, though. In a few months, the loss phase should subside, and your hair will return to normal. However, if stray strands keep piling up, tell your gynaecologist; she may prescribe a lower-dose oestrogen Pill. She can also test you for a thyroid disorder, another common – and easily treatable – cause of hair loss.
2. You Wake Up In The Middle Of The Night… and Can’t Get Back To Sleep
3. Your Boobs Feel Lumpy All Over
4. Dark Circles Appear Under Your Eyes
5. There’s a Lot More Hair Left In Your Brush These Days


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