Avoid Drunk Driving

How to get through the holidays without… having a drunk-driving accident

Research shows that alcohol affects your vision, impairs your judgement and affects your reaction time. So even if you’re at the legal limit (50mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood). You’re still 5 times as likely to be in an accident than if you are sober.

Plan Ahead

If you intend on drinking, make sure one person stays sober in order to drive. You can rotate the responsibility throughout the holiday season. You should also keep a cab service’s number on your cell phone in case your friend ends up drinking too.

Don’t Rely on Self-Testing

Using one of those home breathaliser tests are not always reliable and you could end up in an accident. Don’t assume that drinking coffee or taking a cold shower is going to help either. Alcohol takes 15 minutes to be absorbed into your bloodstream but can take up to a day to get out of your system.