ADVERTORIAL: The Essence Of Good Coffee

ADVERTORIAL: The Essence Of Good Coffee


vida is well-known for its quality coffee, atmosphere and for being at the forefront of what is hip and happening when it comes to coffee culture. Setting trends all round, vida e caffè has just launched its own coffee capsules and pod machine. The sleek and modern caffee luxe machine (Sienna Model) comes in either red and silver or black and silver and is being sold nationwide at vida stores. The idea of pods and the pod machine pulls together all the threads that make up fine, quality coffee and draws on the vida experience where coffee is life. Now, all coffee lovers – be it people-on-the-go, families or friends – can share a hot cup of coffee with the unique pod and pod machine experience.

The pod machine will further the expansion of vida with it being embraced in establishments, hotels, restaurants, offices and homes throughout South Africa. The essence of goodness is enhanced in the vida capsules. The coffee used in these capsules is roasted and ground with art and dedication. The coffee is sealed in an airtight capsule so that it is not effected over time and remains fresh and fragrant. vida offers two signature capsules, falling into the espresso and decaffeinated categories, catering for every palette.

The vida pod machine is elegant and user-friendly. It really is this simple – put a capsule in the machine and in half a minute you will have an aromatic espresso with the pleasant sensory explosion that vida affords its patrons.

What makes the vida pod machine and pods a must have? There is simply nothing better than the lingering bitter-sweet taste of a perfect espresso. You are guaranteed the very best coffee with the simplicity that vida pods bring you. It’s about convenience, consistency and quality – and when it comes to this, the vida capsules and the pod machine will not fall short. Pods and pod machines are popular in both the local and international coffee consumer markets and are a must-have for coffee connoisseurs. It makes coffee appreciation even easier! Treat yourself now with the all-new, must-have vida pod machine.


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