Adopt Five Bonus Healthy Habits

Let go of those bad habits and adopt these NEW healthy habits

Keep a food record
Keeping a log of what you eat is a good habit – you’ll have to ‘fess up to those trips to the vending machine, and that will help you cut them down (and then out of your daily quota of steps).

Keep activity records
Keeping track of when and how you exercise is a great motivator.

Move more!
In a study, the only people who kept their weight off after losing 13,5kg or more were those who did at least one hour of exercise a day.

Eat ‘real’ food
– choose mostly fresh and some healthy frozen and canned ingredients. You should avoid processed food as much as possible.

Write down your daily goals.
Choosing one achievable goal will help to keep you motivated. If, when going to a cocktail function, you decide in advance to eat only two non-fruit finger snacks, you’re much more likely to eat less.