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9 Things That Are Making Your Periods Worse

9 Things That Are Making Your Periods Worse

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Scary, but not surprising.

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So unfair!

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Dab dab dab…

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BODY HEALTH We Need To Talk About Periods - COSMO | 01 October 2015 | 02:00pm

We're here to help.

BODY HEALTH Don't Let People Kiss Your Baby On the Mouth - Sbosh Mafu | 29 September 2015 | 01:54pm

You may not mind. You should.

BODY HEALTH This is Why Your Body Twitches When You Fall Asleep - Lesley Marchant | 29 September 2015 | 10:44am

Science has some theories.

BODY HEALTH 'Normal Barbie' Can Now Help Girls Learn About Periods - COSMO | 23 September 2015 | 01:40pm

'We wanted to put it on the doll so it's not a scary thing.'

BODY HEALTH Lena Dunham Preaches 6 Truths (And One Important Lie) about Fitness - COSMO | 23 September 2015 | 08:45am

Fitspiration for all!

BODY HEALTH Routine Face Lift Gone Very, Very Wrong - COSMO | 22 September 2015 | 10:36am

Ugh, we won't be sleeping for a while.

BODY HEALTH HPV: What You Need to Know - COSMO | 14 September 2015 | 03:36pm

We all need to know.

BODY HEALTH 12 Questions Guys Want to Ask about Periods - COSMO | 09 September 2015 | 09:22am

Um, do you feel it all day?