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What Can I Do to Stop Self-Sabotaging? #AskAthena

What Can I Do to Stop Self-Sabotaging? #AskAthena

HEALTH & FITNESS This Woman Is Getting Real AF About Her Severe PMS - COSMO | 14 March 2017 | 06:20pm

She's not pregnant, for the record.

BODY HEALTH How Do I Get Healthy When 'Dieting' & 'Gym' Are My Worst Two Words? - Sarah Browning-de Villiers | 13 March 2017 | 02:52pm

Make your goals holistic, sustainable and achievable!

BODY HEALTH The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Getting Healthy - COSMO | 07 March 2017 | 05:46pm

Get your life sorted with these so-simple-it’s-silly tricks.

BODY HEALTH You've Put in the Work – Now How Do You Maintain Your Happy Bod? - Sarah Browning-de Villiers | 03 March 2017 | 01:35pm

Don't let that hard work go to waste!

BODY HEALTH 7 Things You Should Never, Ever Put in Your Vagina - Lesley Marchant | 03 March 2017 | 12:13pm

Leave her alone – she didn't ask for this!

BODY HEALTH Here's How to Get Your Best Butt Ever in 28 Days - COSMO | 03 March 2017 | 11:22am

Because you won't get a better butt by sitting on it.

BODY HEALTH Essential Health Checks You Should Go For - COSMO | 02 March 2017 | 05:03pm

Book them in now.

BODY HEALTH The HPV Vaccine & Cervical Cancer: Everything You Need to Know - Sarah Browning-de Villiers | 27 February 2017 | 03:52pm

Got a cervix? This one's for you.

BODY HEALTH 6 Tips to Fight Those Terrible Sugar Cravings - Lesley Marchant | 26 February 2017 | 08:00am

Soooo good but SOOOOO BAD.

BODY HEALTH 5 Things that Happen When You Cut Out Diet Drinks - Lesley Marchant | 25 February 2017 | 02:17pm

Just because they're called 'diet' doesn't mean they're good for yours.

BODY HEALTH Your Guilt-Free Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner – Sorted! - Sarah Browning-de Villiers | 21 February 2017 | 05:30pm

They're delish, too!

BODY HEALTH Tone-Up Tips from SA’s Fitness Star Mapule Ndhlovu - Sarah Browning-de Villiers | 17 February 2017 | 10:07am

This girl is toned AF!