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How to Tell Your Boss that You Need Time Off for Mental Health

How to Tell Your Boss that You Need Time Off for Mental Health

BODY HEALTH A List of 9 Things That I Wish I Knew When I Was Trying to Get Pregnant - COSMO | 20 July 2017 | 05:54pm

It may not happen right away...

BODY HEALTH 8 Relatable Period Struggles We've All Experienced - Andie Reeves | 18 July 2017 | 09:35pm

Hello bloodstains, our old friend

BODY HEALTH At What Point is it Unsafe to Take the Contraception Pill? - COSMO | 18 July 2017 | 09:26pm

Like, can it make you infertile after a while?

HEALTH & FITNESS #AskAthena: 'I Think My Friend is Depressed. How Do I Know if She is?' - COSMO | 18 July 2017 | 09:11pm

And what can I do to help?

HEALTH & FITNESS #AskAthena: 'I've Fallen for my Sister's BF. Help?' - COSMO | 11 July 2017 | 09:33pm

'We all spend a lot of time together and it just sort of happened'

HEALTH & FITNESS The Surprising Reasons You're Not Losing Those Last Few Kilos - Andie Reeves | 09 July 2017 | 08:28pm

... Even when you think you're doing everything right

BODY HEALTH 7 Thoughts All First Time Exercisers Have - Andie Reeves | 09 July 2017 | 06:18pm

Will I ever be able to sit down again?

HEALTH & FITNESS Feeling Stressed? Try These Tips for Alleviating and Managing it - Andie Reeves | 08 July 2017 | 04:57pm

Ways to help yourself

BODY HEALTH Is the Position You Sleep in Secretly Ageing You? - Andie Reeves | 08 July 2017 | 04:29pm

So much for beauty sleep!

BODY HEALTH It's Official: Period Brain is Not a Real Thing - COSMO | 08 July 2017 | 04:22pm

There's finally proof

BODY HEALTH Are These Fitness Myths Holding You Back from Getting Your Best Body? - Andie Reeves | 06 July 2017 | 09:47am

Don't fall for these fitness fibs

FOOD & DRINK 18 Expert-Tested Ways to Prevent a Hangover - COSMO | 04 July 2017 | 03:21pm

Can't hurt more than your headache