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Do This One Big Thing to Help a Partner Who is Depressed

Do This One Big Thing to Help a Partner Who is Depressed

HEALTH & FITNESS Why We Are All Effed up About Self-Love - COSMO | 24 May 2017 | 12:56pm

An interview with Athena Laz and Danielle LaPorte.

HEALTH & FITNESS You NEED to Unfollow These People RN to Make You Happier - Sarah Browning-de Villiers | 19 May 2017 | 02:24pm

Because you've seen all of these people in your feed

BODY HEALTH How the Eff Do I Go Meat-Free? (Hint: it's Easier Than You Think) - Sarah Browning-de Villiers | 10 May 2017 | 01:09pm

And what are the benefits?

MIND HEALTH How Can I Move on from a Broken Relationship? #AskAthena - COSMO | 09 May 2017 | 09:18am

'Our hearts are broken. Please help!'

HEALTH & FITNESS 5 Reasons You Need to Have a Tech Detox – NOW - Sarah Browning-de Villiers | 04 May 2017 | 03:46pm

It'll make you happier and friendlier

CELEB NEWS Ashley Graham Strips Down and Discusses the Important Lesson Her Mom Taught Her About Cellulite - COSMO | 04 May 2017 | 12:54pm

Spoiler alert: everyone has it and it's not a big deal

MIND HEALTH Our Self-Help Columnist Interviews Dougall Fraser on How Colour Can Make You Feel Better - COSMO | 19 April 2017 | 05:11pm

While this may sound appealing, HOW do we harness the power of colour?

CELEBS Minnie Dlamini Opens Up About Depression - Mela Ngaba | 18 April 2017 | 12:26pm

'This picture reminds me of such a sad time. I

MIND HEALTH #AskAthena: 'I'm Always Anxious About All Sorts of Things' - COSMO | 13 April 2017 | 03:37pm

'I’m ready for it to end'

BODY HEALTH This Is Exactly What Celebrities Eat for Breakfast - COSMO | 12 April 2017 | 05:34pm

Basically eggs, eggs, and more eggs.

BODY HEALTH 'I Had No Idea I Was Pregnant Until a Month Before I Gave Birth!' - COSMO | 12 April 2017 | 03:35pm

Pavarni Jorgensen may be an accomplished scientist, but even she

BODY HEALTH 7 Totally Doable, Natural Ways to Prevent UTIs - Sarah Browning-de Villiers | 12 April 2017 | 10:37am

These tips are also almost all free to do!