4 Reasons Why Breakfast is the Best Meal of the Day. Fact

What is it about a teapot that makes you feel fancy AF?

Fact: there is no better meal of the day than breakfast. Don’t believe us? Start with these four reasons:

1 It’s the one meal you can stuff full of sweet things

Pancakes loaded with cream? Breakfast. Waffles coated in syrup? Also breakfast. If this was dinner, you’d be eating a whole other course: dessert – with the obligation to have eaten something savoury first. But when it comes to brekkie, you can legit order all the sugar and eat it as your actual meal.

2 It makes you feel fancy AF

Dinner out? No biggie. But the moment you head out for breakfast (or brunch), suddenly you feel like the Queen of bloody England. Maybe it’s the teapot or matching cup and saucer deal – which def doesn’t happen at home – but a proper breakfast at a restaurant makes you feel, for a few hours at least, like you’ve made it.

3 Literally any beverage goes

Whether you’re in the mood for a smoothie or champagne, there are no rules (okay, maybe except staying off the hard spirits) when it comes to what you drink over breakfast. Also, who knew there were so many flavours of tea out there?

4 Getting in your five-a-day isn’t a chore

Mushrooms, tomato and avo on toast + apple and cucumber smoothie = five a day. Easy, and yum!


Which is all why Primi – yep, the restaurant chain that’s been around for nearly 10 years – has recently launched its new breakfast menu. Think Primi is all pizza and pasta? Well, their delish pressed juices (try the apple, cucumber and mint ‘Hydrator’ one) and options like the Granola Bowl, with fruit and and yoghurt, pretty quickly debunk that myth (and make our mouths start to water). Plus, we love that the majority of their ingredients are sourced locally. View their new breakfast menu, here.

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