Lily Collins Looked *Ridiculously* Pretty at the 2017 Golden Globes

Let’s ogle every angle.

Some people don’t like princess gowns. Those are not my people. And never was there a clearer litmus test than Lily Collins’ Zuhair Murad couture moment on last night’s Golden Globes red carpet.

It’s lace. It’s floral. It’s pink. It’s bell-shaped. It doesn’t get more unapologetically femme than this, and who better to carry that off than best actress nominee Collins, who brings the perfect amount of edge with bright red lips and a shoulder blade tattoo.

It reminds me of Vanessa Hudgens’ equally dreamy Naeem Khan gown from the 2015 VMAs, which was cut from a similar proverbial cloth (not literal cloth, though hey, they’re close enough in color that who could blame you for assuming).

Like that look, this one feels safely in the ‘princess’ zone—some people might go so far as to say it’s safe in general.

But I think it’s bold to go over-the-top girly, especially now, in the age of the cut-down-to-there neckline and the slit-up-to-there skirt. You do you, Lily Collins. Get your pretty on.

Here, the look from every angle:




Here’s how it looked walking down the runway at Paris Fashion Week in July:


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