Kanye E-mailed Kim to Let Her Know That These Type of Sunglasses Are In

Kanye knows best.

Sunday’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians featured many excellent Kim moments. She made Jonathan and Kourtney do a sweat test with her (poor Kourt, who only managed to squeeze out maybe two drops), had a serious talk with Khloé while drying her hair in a giant towel and, most importantly, revealed that Kanye is still giving her style tips after all these years. That’s right folks, Kanye – who, with the help of stylist Renelou Padora, first raided Kim’s closet as her boyfriend in 2012 (a moment that was captured on an episode of KUWTK) – still knows best when it comes to Kim’s clothes and accessories.

As Kim revealed to Jonathan over lunch on Sunday’s episode, Kanye was the one responsible for her latest look, which Jonathan described as ‘fire’. According to Kim, Kanye sent ‘like, a whole e-mail, [writing] “You cannot wear big glasses any more. It’s all about tiny little glasses.”‘ Like these ones:

E! Entertainment

E! Entertainment

In fact, Kanye did more than write about ‘tiny little glasses’. Kim says she actually received ‘millions of ’90s photos with tiny little glasses’ from Kanye. Now, it would be nice to read these e-mails from Kanye, but there’s a tiny little (teeny, even) chance that Kim would ever release them. Instead, let’s all congratulate Kim on finally joining the ‘tiny little glasses’ club.

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