Trendy Tunics

Trendy Tunics


Tunics are big news this winter. Here’s how to wear them.

High, structured necklines might seem to scream ‘granny!’ but it’s exactly the look that will edge up your winter wardrobe. The structured tunic has made a big fashion comeback, so embrace your inner prep-school kid and get the look this season.

An awesome way to update a basic tunic is to liven it up by going for a winter colour trend such as acid tones or neon. Amp up your work wardrobe by teaming tailored grey trousers with a jazzy, neon-yellow tunic.

Another way to work this look is with the tunic dress. Shorten that hemline and add a touch of sixties glam to a night out with girls. Team up this look with a thigh-high wedge boot or an OTT pair of heels for an extra bit of va-va-voom.

The tunic can feel a bit too structured for some people. If this is the case for you, texture can help solve this problem. For example, a cashmere knitted tunic could soften the ‘boxy’ shape. A printed, flowy tunic also helps by adding some movement and creating a less conservative look.

A tunic can be a girl’s best friend, as the silhouette can be quite forgiving. Don’t be afraid to take last year’s tunic to another level with some of the season’s hottest trends and accessories such as faux fur gillets, fitted embellished jackets or bold, in-your-face neck pieces.

Can’t find one? Check out this cute tunic from Zando.


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