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This rich, luxurious fabric is trending big-time this winter. Here’s how to wear it.

Velvet is a classic fabric that gives off an air of old-fashioned elegance, but it’s received a bad rap due to it being one of the trickiest fabrics to wear – notwithstanding its unfortunate association with little girls and old ladies. In fact, when worn right, velvet can look amazing, so if you’re a hater, don’t turn away just yet… with these looks, tips, and tricks, it might just become your best friend.

Every woman should have a great velvet jacket in her wardrobe. You can wear it almost like a tuxedo jacket with a ruffled blouse or a crisp, white shirt. You can also team a velvet blazer with a pair of jeans. When you pair velvet with denim or a menswear-inspired fabric like tweed, the contrast will make your look really stylish.

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