Hot Havaianas
Cosmo Editor

Hot Havaianas

- Cosmo Editor

There’s a reason Havaianas have a cult following. Here’s why you need a pair.

Taking the humble slip-slop to new heights of coolness, Havaianas are a must-have edition to your shoe collection. The addictive nature of these shoes is largely due to a 42-year-old secret rubber formula that makes them butter-soft, flexible and durable.

Since being introduced to the world, Brazilian Havaianas (pronounced ah-vai-YAH-nas) have gathered an unprecedented cult following. Now referred to as the best rubber sandal in the world, these stylish slops can be seen gracing the pages of the hottest fashion and sport magazines, strutting down the runways at New York Fashion Week and featured at red carpet events. No celeb worthy of the title is without a pair of these cool babies.

Whether you’re heading off for a beach holiday, getting a pedi or taking advantage of a balmy, pre-winter day, pick up your pair now. They’re available at most chic retailers, gym-wear shops and surf boutiques nationwide.


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