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For those not yet in the know, carrot pants are high-waisted trousers that fit loosely at the hips and tightly down the leg (yes, like carrots). To be frank, they are not a girl’s best friend and can be pretty tricky to wear, as they only tend to look good on tall, skinny women. But, since they’re all the rage right now, just follow these tips and they could become one of your favourite items this season.

Carrot pants can make your legs look short and thick, so the best thing to do is to wear them with heels, the higher the better. Try choosing fitted tops and blouses when wearing these pants in order to balance the outfit – the fullness of the pants can make your silhouette overly baggy. When it comes to accessorising, keep things as simple as possible.

The easiest way to wear carrot pants is to team them with a pair of high–heeled sandals or shoes, a printed or plain T-shirt and a leather jacket. If you opt for a blazer too, you’ll have the perfect office look. A stylish trick would be to match a pair of carrot jeans with a vintage tee.


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