8 Hotties Reveal the Perfect First-Date Outfit

We asked 8 gorgeous guys to tell us what they think we should wear on a first date! Here’s what they revealed…

Summer romance? In need of first-date outfit ideas? We made it our mission to find out what eight hotties think the perfect first-date outfit looks like. Here’s what they revealed…

1. Jorge Mavova, 26, model/project manager
A clinging, classic LBD is always a win for a first date.

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2. Matthew Bell, 23, student
I love a well-fitted dress, showing off the curves, and heels. I also love it when a girl can look sexy in simple denim shorts, a vest and hi-tops.

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3. Brent Thompson, 27, model and entrepreneur
Something simple yet elegant and not too revealing should do the trick!


4. Chris Hepburn, 32, entrepreneur
Well, a first date should be pretty chilled so nothing too formal. Being a bum guy, a great fitted pair of jeans floors me. Add some heels and an elegant top and you’ll have my attention.


5. Gal Ezra, 23, co-owner of We Love Summer
A stylish skirt or dress and comfortable shoes (depending on what the date is). There’s nothing sexier than a nice pair of heels but if the date is an adventurous one, like go-carting or an outdoor activity, a girl who can dress the part is extremely attractive.


6. Zack Hartwanger, 25, model
I would say it depends on the type of date. Something comfortable, like a onesie.



7. Brennan Wright, 28, owner of iDigital Strategy
You never know where you’ll be going on that first date, so something sexy but sweet, if that makes sense!

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8. Sivan Miller, 26, fashion photographer
It all depends on where we’re going but a fashion-forward outfit would win me over. A pretty dress and sneakers is perfect.


What are you gonna wear? Please don’t say ‘the animal onesie’. Let us know on Twitter #COSMOFashion

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