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How to Wear

Get advice on what to wear (and what not to) from the fashion experts at Cosmopolitan, your source for the best fashion advice.

Introducing the Ta-Ta Towel - aka the Boob Hammock

Introducing the Ta-Ta Towel - aka the Boob Hammock

FASHION 10 Reasons Why You Should Be Shopping in the Boys' Section - COSMO | 14 August 2017 | 03:39pm

Burger rolls, not gender roles!

FASHION Trend Alert: Sock Boots and Where to Buy Them - Marieke Merts | 11 August 2017 | 03:30pm

Sock boots go with everything, and instantly update your wardrobe

FASHION Here’s Where to Buy Your Favourite Feminist Tees - COSMO | 10 August 2017 | 11:44am

Because the revolution is female

FASHION 5 Ways to Look Dope AF in Sweat Pants - COSMO | 09 August 2017 | 08:39am

You'll be sweating it up all season

FASHION My Boyfriend Dressed Me for a Week – Here's What Happened - Amber Barker | 07 August 2017 | 02:18pm

Experiment time!

FASHION Here's a Sneaky Style Tip if You've Managed to Escape the Winter Chill - COSMO | 01 August 2017 | 01:35pm

Bring on the heat!

FASHION Throw Some Shade and Grab These Sunnies – All Under R150 - COSMO | 31 July 2017 | 01:17pm

Reflect those rays

FASHION How to Look on Point in a Puffer Jacket - Marieke Merts | 28 July 2017 | 12:22pm

Cosy, comfortable and surprisingly sexy

FASHION 3 Times Aisha Baker’s IG Account Served Us Winter Style Inspiration - Marieke Merts | 28 July 2017 | 11:55am

She knows how to heat things up

FASHION Saddle Up! It's Time to Take on the Cowgirl Trend - Marieke Merts | 27 July 2017 | 03:52pm

Wild West, here we come!

FASHION Everything You Need to Know About Niquita Bento aka Queets - Clare Robertson | 25 July 2017 | 09:00am

Can you guess her fashion role model?

FASHION Everything You Need to Know About Tshepang Mollison aka Twiggy - Clare Robertson | 24 July 2017 | 09:00am

'COSMO is as rebellious and as naughty as I am!'