#COSMOFashion’s Reaction To The Ugly Sneaker Trend That’s Taking Over

Would you rock these?

uAs with all unexpected trends, you either blame Balenciaga, or thank Balenciaga. The ugly sneaker trend falls under this category. The ugly sneaker first got introduced to the fashion world in the form of the Triple S sneaker – described by one critic as ‘an old ass pair of shoes my mum keeps in the garage. (Except these will put you back nearly R12 000 – YIKES!)

And yet, they are everywhere. From the runway to the most stylish streets across the globe. They are chunky, with thick soles and unusual colour combinations. They look like something that your dad would wear to a braai. But somehow, they are considered some of the coolest shoes around. Confusing right? We had to get the #COSMOFashion team’s take on this trend.

Девочки, я так рада, что с большинством из вас я все-таки на одной волне, и вы прекрасно понимаете, где провокация, а где ирония. И не ожидаете от меня постоянно сочащегося сахара. Намного приятней и веселее создавать контент, оставаясь верной себе, давая себя настоящую. Ну а кто не понимает, или ему что-то претит на этой странице, никто ведь не держит👋 . 🇬🇧Every time I'm so happy to discover that most of my followers do get me. They understand my irony in the texts and the provocation in rare photos🤘 . . . #acnestudios#shearling#coldweather#winterfashion#casualwear#casualchic#casualstyle#balenciagasneakers#balenciagashoes#balenciagabag#холодно#кэжуал

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The #COSMOFashion Team Had Some Things To Say About These Ugly Sneakers:

Here Are Their Reactions:

Fashion Editor Cleo Marcopoulos:

‘I guess these have slight man repellant qualities – but I think they’re super cool and almost new age techno meets playground-looking. I would wear them in a heartbeat and style them with an all black look or even with a white mini shirt dress.’

Fashion Assistant Clare Robertson:

‘Ooh I kind of love them. I’m a bit of a sneaker head-I’d totally wear them.’

Fashion Intern Alessandra Francescutti:

‘Sure less is always more, but somehow Balenciaga is making this ugly sneaker trend work for me.’

Fashion Intern Angelica Shand:

‘The ugly shoe trend always has game! Love them or hate them, they’re definitely a win for me.’

Bet you didn’t think there’d be only positives to say about a pair of shoes dubbed ‘ugly’!

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