#COSMOFashion Reacts to the 'Skinny Shades’ Trend

Would you wear these sunnies?

When it comes to fashion these days, there is one mantra: IT’S UGLY UNTIL RIHANNA DECIDES THAT IT’S NOT. Skinny shades, the kind normally reserved for ’90s pop stars and characters from The Matrix, have made a huge comeback. Say goodbye to larger-than-life sunnies. It’s all about the tiny, almost-cut-in-half effect of this WTF trend.



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The #COSMOFashion team had a lot to say about these sunnies:

Fashion Editor Cleo Marcopoulos:

‘I absolutely love their aesthetic when I see them on other people or on the rack. I do feel that they aren’t the most flattering on me – but I guess that’s part of their appeal… I own a pair and wear them when I’m feeling a little extra.’

Fashion Assistant Clare Robertson:

‘As much as I LOVE these guys, I would never wear them – they look terrible with my face shape. Tried and tested! I guess not everyone can pull them off like Gigi!’

Fashion Intern Anke Nel:

‘For me? This is one of those “WTF, where did you buy those” type of moments.  These shades are lit and totally my vibe! I actually own a pair.’

Fashion Intern Lesego Mtsolongo:

‘I absolutely love this trend! These glasses are so chic, super-stylish and everyone should own at least two pairs.’

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