These Celebs Prove That Underboob Is the New Side-Boob

Let your boobs play peekaboo for the world to see!

Get ready girls: it’s time to let your gorgeous boobs play peekaboo for the world to see!

Side-boob is still hot AF but it’s kinda become old news. Underboob is the must of the season, and celebs across the globe are putting their sultry lady lumps on display.

Check out this sexy trend to see if you prefer the new or the old – or the classic look of big-ass cleavage that shows off your femininity, confidence and attitude in an old-school way. #SoSassyItHurts #LadyLumps

Just take a look at these celeb stunners:

The only issue? Our local celebs have some of the best assets around and are for sure not putting this look to its best use. Come on, ladies, we all know you’ve got it – the time has come for you to show it off in the latest (and hottest) style.

Which gorgeous local celeb do you want to see flaunting what her mama gave her in the underboob department? #GotItFromMyMamma

Don’t just leave it up to the celebs: it’s summer, which means it’s beach, boy and festival season. Whether you want to play it safe in a dress with sheer touches or take the full jump to bikinis and one-pieces when hitting the sand and sea with your squad, it’s time to take the plunge.

Don’t be shy. Tweet us @CosmopolitanSA and let us know which celeb should be making this summer seriously hot in more ways than one.

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