Live Like a Rockstar Winner: Lucinda Viljoen

Live Like a Rockstar Winner: Lucinda Viljoen


Sexy and smart, she’s got what it takes to live like a rock star. Drummer Lucinda Viljoen, 24, from Cape Town, is on her way to making her dreams come true with her R60 000 prize!

Why do you think you’re the ultimate rock star?
I’m already living the rock-star lifestyle, albeit on a small scale. I love hard rock – my role model is Joan Jett, who still performs today and rocks out like no other woman. She was part of The Runaways, an all-female ’70s band that was the main inspiration for my all-girl band, Junkyard Lipstick. I embrace my rock- star persona on stage with my alter ego, Lucinda Villain – a full-on freak drummer. I love to dress up like a wild child and just let go!

What makes you think you can handle fame and fortune?
I’ve had to work and study at the same time since I was 15, so I’ve learnt to deal with pressure. I work in finance now – I will be able to handle the fortune very well! And I get to pound out my frustrations on my drum kit. I’ve had to deal with huge crowds when we went to Graspop Metal Meeting in Belgium this year – I ‘moshed’ my way to the front, so I reckon I could put up with the pop paparazzi, no problem.

How will you rock the world?
With my kick-ass, thunderous drums, my rocker style and my in-your-face attitude.
What are your rock-star dreams and goals? Short-term, I want to finish recording my band’s first album, play more local festivals and get as much publicity and exposure as possible. I would love to reach international fame with my band and get into gigs such as the Download Festival in the UK. I want to become a drum legend and be respected by my peers. Drumming is dominated by men, so I would really love to make my mark for the girls. My ultimate goal is to be on the cover of Rolling Stone and make a living as a real rock star.

What’s your idea of a perfect romantic weekend?
Attending a music festival where I can share my passion with my husband – head-banging is the ultimate bonding experience for us.

What’s your rock-star mantra?
Play it, love it, live it!


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