#COSMOTries: Makeup Rookie Wears Lipstick for a Week

Wearing lipstick for a week might not sound like a challenge at all but to me, it was a daunting task because I hate lipstick. Don’t get me wrong, I love it on other people and I wish that I had the confidence and the patience to pull it off, but I just don’t. On the odd occasion when I do try and wear it, I find myself walking around with an awkward pout for fear of getting it on my teeth and no-one telling me and, since I don’t feel as though my ginormous lips are my best feature, I don’t really want to draw any more attention. This is why I was challenged to do a #COSMOTries experiment, where I have to wear lipstick every day for a week in the hopes that I could overcome my lipstick paranoia, but more, I think, so that my colleagues could enjoy watching me come around corners lips-first and enjoy how visibly uncomfortable I was. That’s okay, I’ll get them back. One day when they least expect it.


I opted to go with this lip colour first because I thought, being a balm as opposed to a highly pigmented lipstick, it would make the transition a bit less traumatic. It was easy to apply without a mirror, which was a bonus. A car guard sang a James Blunt song to me on my walk to work which is probably just a taster of what’s to come during the rest of this week.

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I was Red-dy for the week ahead. Or not


This was the colour my colleagues liked on me the most, and my boyfriend liked the least. Just goes to show that you can’t please everyone. This colour lived up to its name – bold – and I spent the first half of the day feeling pretty self-conscious (why are they all STARING AT ME?) and, admittedly, I removed it before taking the train home that evening to avoid looks. Fail.

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The only thing bold about this picture is the lip colour…



Women’s Day! This meant that I didn’t have to brave public transport or a walk in the CBD with any lippie on, but perhaps that’s a pity because this formula was actually my favourite. It felt really smooth going on and even after a few hours of wear. I did get some strange looks at the park when I took my dogs for a walk, though. NO idea why.

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Thumbs up for public holidays!


This colour was the most ‘unusual’ in the batch and I decided to pair it with Cape Town’s cold front. And my soul. I thought that I would feel the most self-conscious in this colour but the formula was so light and comfortable I actually forgot I was wearing it. I might even just keep this one for the next time I try and wear lipstick again … in about a year.

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Grey like the weather


I made it! Did I learn anything from wearing bold lipstick for five days? Apart from the fact that #menaretrash (catcallers, I’m looking at you) I DID find that, as the week wore on, I become less aware of and worried about the fact that I had lipstick on at all. And the more people around me got used to it, the less they started teasing me about it as well. While it’s highly unlikely that I will be sporting it on a more regular basis, it definitely isn’t as scary as I thought it was and, despite what I anticipated, I didn’t get ANY on my teeth at all!

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Cheers to the freakin’ weekend

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