Sizzling Smarts
Cosmo Editor

Sizzling Smarts

- Cosmo Editor

These gifted leading men are not only bright, but oh-so-fine. Which one would win your heart?

Age: 38
Sign: Leo
Where You Know Him From: He acted in Barbershop, For Colored Girls and, more recently, Underworld Awakening, opposite Kate Beckinsale.
Status: Single.
What You Probably Didn’t Know: Michael is hot music-video property. He’s been the main love interest in Mariah Carey’s ‘Get Your Number’ and Beyoncé’s ‘Halo’. He has a degree in English and used to date Halle Berry.
What We Love: He’s admittedly quiet and guarded which, coupled with those gorgeous blues, equals ‘mysteriously brooding’.
If We Could Change One Thing: … he’d practise his lines with us and give us unlimited access to that piercing stare.
Where We’ll See Him Next: He appears in the screen adaptation of Steve Harvey’s book Think Like A Man, Act Like A Lady, which was released last month.
Age: 38
Sign: Aries
Where You Know Him From: He has starred in the movies Avatar, Jarhead and Fast & Furious.
Status: Single.
What You Probably Didn’t Know: Laz holds a marketing degree from the Howard University School Of Business and used to work on Wall Street at an investment-banking firm. After taking acting classes in the evening, he began getting acting jobs. Also, he’s fluent in Spanish.
What We Love: He’s a ‘serial-relationship dude’, or so he told Essence magazine.
If We Could Change One Thing: … he’d realise how much we love being in a relationship, too – and give us a call.
Where We’ll See Him Next: Laz will appear in Battle Of The Year: The Dream Team, which is due out early next year.


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