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These Are the Best Lyrics From Beyoncé's Perfect New Song,

These Are the Best Lyrics From Beyoncé's Perfect New Song, "Formation"

CELEBS Here's the Perfect Romantic Movie for Your Valentine's Date - COSMO | 02 February 2016 | 03:39pm

It involves Nicholas Sparks, so be prepared.

CELEBS 16 Movies that are 10 Years Old in 2016 - Danielle Karallis | 02 February 2016 | 10:56am

Florals for spring is never original

CELEBS 8 Thoughts We Had While Watching The Voice - Kim Garner | 01 February 2016 | 09:38am

Prime for life!

CELEBS 15 Times Pretty Little Liars Perfectly Expressed How You Feel About Life - Olive Hodge | 28 January 2016 | 04:35pm

Hanna is literally our spirit animal

CELEBS 10 Stages We Went Through When We Found Out Nicki Minaj Would Be Coming To South Africa - Olive Hodge | 28 January 2016 | 04:33pm

Is this actually happening right now?!

CELEBS Khloé Kardashian Talks About 'Getting Down' and Joining the Mile High Club (She Has Details) - COSMO | 26 January 2016 | 11:20am

Khloé rates the top three freakiest places she has had sex.

CELEBS You Gotta Watch Jimmy Fallon as Bob Dylan Doing "Hotline Bling" - COSMO | 22 January 2016 | 01:54pm

"And that, children, marked the death of 'Hotline Bling' remakes."

CELEBS The First Promo Teaser for Season 5 of 'Girls' Is Here - COSMO | 21 January 2016 | 12:12pm

They're getting older, but not any wiser.

CELEBS J.K. Rowling Finally Reveals the Secret Hint She Gave Alan Rickman About Professor Snape - COSMO | 19 January 2016 | 11:09am

Prepare to have your feelings wrecked.

CELEBS A Friends Reunion for Tribute Special - COSMO | 14 January 2016 | 04:29pm

OMG! Its about damn time

CELEB NEWS Reasons Why Kourtney Would Kill It as The Next Bachelorette - COSMO | 14 January 2016 | 04:07pm

She couldn't be more perfect

CELEBS A Tribute to David Bowie That Will Remind You Why It's Good to Be Weird - COSMO | 12 January 2016 | 03:55pm

​It took me a long time to appreciate Bowie. But I'm so glad I learned how.