Linked To The Stars

Linked To The Stars


These guys have been dating very famous women. Which one would you add to your entourage?

Age: 31
Sign: Cancer
What We Know About Him: He’s best known for his role as Mason Lockwood in the hit series The Vampire Diaries. Before becoming an actor, he studied business management at West Virginia University and was last year featured in Lady Gaga’s music video for ‘You And I’. He’s also an experienced surfer.
He’s Dated… Lady Gaga, on and off since featuring in her video.
What She Says: ‘It ranges from a really big d*ck to a degree from Harvard’ (about what she finds attractive in a man, according to The Sun in the UK).
What We Say He doesn’t have a Harvard degree, so we’re guessing he has other talents…
If We Had One Wish… we would’ve been strategically placed as extras when he was shooting The Bang Bang Club in South Africa.
We Recommend… that you go back to season two of The Vampire Diaries to remind yourself of all that gap-toothed, smouldering yumminess.
Age: 25
Sign: Aries
What You Probably Didn’t Know: He’s choreographed dance routines for Beyoncé, Eminem and Kelly Rowland, and was recruited by Simon Cowell to choreograph music videos for UK pop stars Alexandra Burke and Shayne Ward. He was picked by Michael Jackson and his team to appear on the ‘This Is It’ concert tour and also appears in the dance-themed movie Honey 2.
He’ Dating… Jennifer Lopez.
What She Says: He’s ‘adorable’ and a ‘good egg’.
What We Say We don’t blame her for being so taken – we’ve seen him burn up the floor, after all.
If Had One Wish: … the rumours about him and Charlize Theron would be true. If we can’t get him, we would much rather our ‘home girl’ had him.
We Recommend… that you watch the YouTube clip of the dance rehearsals for Kelly Rowland’s Motivation (which he choreographed) below. It will all make sense….


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