You're Not Over It If...
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You're Not Over It If...


Breaking up is hard to do. If any of these scenarios sound familiar, you might need a little more time.

He’s Pissing You Off More Than Normal: Find yourself getting angry at him for insignificant things? You’re still looking to exact punishment.

You’re Not In The Mood: If your previously hot libido has cooled down, you might be missing that mind/body connection that women tend to need to feel horny.

You’re Tired All The Time: Anger and hurt can suck up a lot of your energy, even if you’re not in touch with the emotions.

You Stalk Him: A bit of curiosity is normal, but if you’re fixated on his social/love life you’re still too invested.

You’re Drinking More than Usual: Alcohol numbs the senses and dulls the pain of parting. But, if this excess continues, you’d be better off speaking to a professional who can help you deal with your feelings of loss.


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