Why He Never Plans Anything
Cosmo Editor

Why He Never Plans Anything

- Cosmo Editor

Want to know why your guy refuses to make arrangements? Read on.

No matter how devoted he is he likes to think of himself as a lone wolf.

If he plans a holiday for next year, it’ll just accelerate his need to plan a wedding, the kids’ varsity fund, and his retirement.

Even serial monogamists are predisposed to be commitment phobes – it’s, um, just a fact. So, in other words, his instincts tell him that even simple dinner reservations are as scary as angry bees.

Men are L.A.Z.Y when it comes to social arrangements. Why should he pick up the phone when you’ll probably sort his whole weekend out for him?

Deep down he believes that the second he invites you over for supper a lost Swedish supermodel is going to appear on his doorstep. Naked.


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