What's Behind Your Sleep Positions

What's Behind Your Sleep Positions


How you slumber with your man can clue you in to some of your subconscious feelings.

If You Sleep…

…Face-to-Face: You’re not only breathing on each other but also creating an enclosed circle with your bodies, which indicates how totally at ease you feel with each other. But, for crying out loud, be conscious of your morning breath.

…Snuggled Up:
It isn’t easy to snooze wrapped around another person, so by doing so you’re choosing physical closeness over your own comfort – a great sign of emotional intimacy. Bonus: Chances are, the sex isn’t half-bad either.

…With Your Backs To Each Other: If it’s a recent phenomenon, it may a subconscious indication that you’re both pulling away. If it’s the norm, you’re likely just two independent people who don’t need to be attached at the hip to be happy.

…With a Hand or Foot Touching Your Partner:
This is a way to reassure him that your love is still alive and kicking. If it’s something you’ve noticed happening more often, it may mean that you’ve been caught up in other things so you’re reaching out as a way to reconnect.

…In Separate Beds: Your relationship could well be on its way out. Unless there’s a good reason (he snores/you’re an insomniac) couples who choose to sleep alone often lack the requisite emotional intimacy to make it in the long-term.


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