What Makes A Great Girlfriend
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What Makes A Great Girlfriend


Here, the qualities a dude looks for before committing to an exclusive relationship.

You Listen: Men want a woman who shows enthusiasm about stuff that’s important to him, from his job to his fantasy football team. Making eye contact and asking questions conveys that interest.

You Do Your Own Thing: Your independence is one of your sexiest assets, so don’t let hobbies and passions fall by the wayside. Maintaining your routine shows your interesting and confident attributes that no guy can resist.

You Laugh. Often: Guys may not want you to be one of those giggly girls, but they do want you to think they’re funny. (Let’s hope he is!)

You Call Him Out: If a man is habitually late or never calls when he says he will, he may be testing to see if you’ll point out that he’s acting like a jerk. The right man values a woman who respects herself enough to give him a challenge.

You Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff:
Nobody’s perfect – including you. On the odd occasion he overdoes it on the draught or pulls and all-nighter, let it slide. He’ll be immensely grateful for your understanding.


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