Times He's Possibly Being Bad
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Times He's Possibly Being Bad


Think you know when your man’s misbehaving? It’s not always quite so obvious.

When He’s Too Eager To Run an Errand:
Most guys don’t jump at the chance to shop for groceries, stop at the chemist or pick up the dry cleaning. So, if he suddenly offers to help out, he may be using it as an excuse to get out of the house – to cheat, to gamble or to do heaven knows what else.

When He’s at a Rugby Game:
It sounds innocent, but not always: Sporting events sometimes involve hours of ‘warming up’, and more beers at a bar afterwards, either to celebrate a win or grieve a tough loss. This could lead to drunk-flirting with the cute girl on the stool next to him.

When He’s Reconnecting Online: A man who’s glued to his Facebook page may be doing more than getting in touch with old high school friends. Social networking sites provide a sneaky and convenient way to hook up with exes and meet new potential love interests – all password protected.

When He’s Trying To Cheer Up a Friend:
If one of his boys gets dumped by his girlfriend or loses his job, your guy might see it as his duty to take him out to a bar and distract him with lots of beautiful women and shots of tequila.

When He’s Surprising You With Flowers:
Aaaah, sweet, right? Not always. If your unromantic guy suddenly shows up out of the blue with a bouquet it might well be a sign that he’s guilty of committing a dirty deed and is trying to salvage his bad conscience – and make it up to you.


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