Subtle Clues That Say 'I Want You'

Subtle Clues That Say 'I Want You'


Use these moves to signal you’re ready to get it on.

The Over-The-Knee Rub: Cross your legs, with the leg farthest away from him on top. Then massage the spot just above your knee. This will catch his eye and tap in to his brain’s arousal centre.

The Eyebrow Lift: When he’s telling you a story, raise your eyebrows as you make eye contact. Research has shown that the movement expresses sexual interest and desire.

The Mouth Gaze: As you’re sitting across from him, look at his mouth and flash a sexy, closed-lip smile, like you have a secret. It’s a primal signal that you want your hands – and mouth – on him.

The Hair Flick: Hair is sensual, sexy and a sign of youth and virility. By drawing attention to it you remind him, unconsciously, that you are extremely do-able. Not that he should need reminding…

The Touch: In conversation, lightly touch a non-sexual part of his body, like his shoulder or arm. By doing this you communicate that you’d like to touch him elsewhere, too.


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