Oppikoppi Style
Cosmo Editor

Oppikoppi Style

- Cosmo Editor

COSMO went on a mission to find the most stylish girls at Oppikoppi.

When you’re going to a festival, there’s one thing you can be absolutely sure of: at some point or another, you’re going to look awful. Not oops-my-eyes-are-a-bit-puffy awful, but awful like your own mother wouldn’t recognise you in a line-up. Oppikoppi (bless it) is no different. You’ll be covered in dirt, your clothes will probably be torn and your hair will be dripping grease – for a fact. That’s why it is some kind of a style miracle when anyone manages to look hot while stomping around a dusty camp site for four days.

This year, COSMO hit up Oppikoppi in Northam. It’s one of the coolest festivals in the country and consists of three days of non-stop music from some of the best local and (occasionally obscure) international acts. We trawled through the dirt looking for girls who managed to stand out from the 30 000-strong crowd, and here’s what we found.

There are only a few people who look good at festivals; Kate Moss circa-Glastonbury – and these girls.


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