Making Friends, Made Easier
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Making Friends, Made Easier


The more people you know, the more opportunity for adventure. Try these tips to widen your circle.

Be the social coordinator: Throw a party, get a group together to try out a just-opened restaurant, or round people up to go play a pub quiz. Not only will you be the centre of attention, but also, the next time someone has a party, she’ll think to include you.

Introduce yourself whenever possible: It might sound obvious, but there are so many chances to meet potential friends that people let slip by. If you’re shy, think of how much you’d like it if someone struck up a conversation with you. The other person probably feels the same way.

Deepen your casual connections:
If you have a co-worker, neighbour, or friend-of-a- friend whom you want to know better, invite him or her to a low-key gathering, such as happy hour with a bunch of pals. Hanging out in a different environment (i.e., not the office or your apartment building) helps transition your relationship from acquaintances to the friend realm.

Get out there: Expand your repertoire of hobbies – visit a climbing gym, take salsa lessons or sign up for a writing workshop. It’s easier to strike up conversations when you’re doing something, and at these places you’ll meet people who share some of your interests, the first step towards making new friends.

Be open-minded: If you always go for one ‘type’ of friend, think outside the box and be a bit adventurous. When you only spend time with people who are very much like you, you’re less inclined to be challenged in your thinking and learn something new. You might be surprised at who you actually ‘connect’ with.


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