Make Your Space Look Bigger

Make Your Space Look Bigger


Use fashion and interior designer, Todd Oldham’s, genius pointers to make even the tiniest rooms look larger.

Paint One Wall: A small room will feel less tiny if you paint one wall a contrasting colour and extend the paint onto the two adjacent walls approximately 32 centimetres apart. That way, it’ll be difficult to tell where one wall begins and the other ends.

Go With Bigger Furniture: It may sound counter-intuitive, but small furniture can actually dwarf your room. Using outsize items – like a sleek, elongated armchair – makes the space feel grander and more dramatic and, thus, larger. Plus, the room won’t feel overcrowded with just a few big pieces.

Hang Floor-To-Ceiling Curtains:
No matter what room they’re in, long, attention-grabbing curtains can stretch your space. Just make sure that they start at the ceiling and go all the way down to the floor. If you only hang them at the tops of your windows, your eye ‘sees’ that as being the ceiling, which makes the space feel more confined.

Swap Out Lighting Fixtures:
Oversize lighting, like a gigantic chandelier or any big ceiling fixture, adds an element of fun and theatrics, which draws the eye up so you won’t really notice how minuscule a room may be. Check out a flea market in your area. It’s sure to have something glamorous, funky or chic.

Lower Everything:
A too-tall couch or bed can really cramp a room. The more space your create between the ceiling and your furniture, the more spacious the area will feel. To lower your bed and create a good-size gap, remove your box springs or your bed frame entirely, and place your mattress directly on the floor. To lower your couch, remove the legs.


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