Make Him Reveal How He Feels
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Make Him Reveal How He Feels


Skip your obvious probes, and instead ask covert questions that will tell you a lot.

Don’t Ask This: ‘Are you even listening to me?’ Instead, Say This: ‘Let’s see you do an impression of me.’ What You’ll Learn: Good imitators are good observers. So if he mimics you well, he pays attention to you.

Don’t Ask This: ‘Do you love me?’ Instead, Say This: ‘Mind if I drive your car?’ What You’ll Learn: The more he cares, the more he’ll share the things he loves – from wheels to family.

Don’t Ask This:
‘Do you think that girl is pretty?’ Instead, Say This: ‘Oh my word, is that Scarlett Johansson?’ What You’ll Learn: If he was checking her out, he’ll unwittingly reveal what he thinks: ‘Not with that ass!’

Don’t Ask This: ‘Where do you see this going in the long term?’ Instead, Say This: ‘What would you do if you won R100 million?’ What You’ll Learn: He’ll naturally think of people he’d spend the money on or with. Are you on his list?

Don’t Ask This: ‘Would you ever cheat on me?’ Instead, Say This: ‘What do you think of guys who cheat?’ What You’ll Learn: Whether or not he’s going to be faithful to you down the line.


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