Going Nuts For a New Man?
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Going Nuts For a New Man?


These tips will help pull you back from the brink of crazy.

Get a Friend’s Take: Talk to a trusted pal about how off-the-wall you’ve been feeling lately, and ask her to step in if she thinks you’re acting kookily out of character.

Set Limits: Feel the urge to Facebook stalk or go through his Twitter timeline? Don’t. You’ll feel stronger when you realise you can overcome your urges.

Create Some Space:
It’s hard but worth it – cutting back on time spent with your guy, especially the number of nights you sleep over together, will help you catch your breath and gain perspective and self-control.

Sweat It Out: It may sound simplistic, but physical activity will ease your anxiety. Also, mind/body workouts like tai chi help you focus on the present so you don’t obsess about the future.

Seek Help: Still spiralling? Schedule a session – alone or with your guy – to see a psychologist. He or she will help you figure out if your obsession is dangerous and/or masking deeper issues.


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