Friend Offences You Shouldn't Put Up With
Cosmo Editor

Friend Offences You Shouldn't Put Up With

- Cosmo Editor

Frenemies are everywhere… make sure you don’t put up with any of these things.

When you and your boyfriend broke up, she stopped by his flat with freshly baked chocolate-chip cookies and a shoulder to cry on.

She loves your taste in fashion so much that she’s constantly borrowing your clothes… and ‘forgetting’ to give them back.

Once, while drunk, she admitted that she likes to hang with you because she feels skinny in comparison.

When the lunch bill arrives, she says, ‘Can you get it? I just bought a new handbag, so I’m low on cash today.’

You never make plans with her without having a solid backup option because you know there is a very good chance that she won’t even show.


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