First Date Questions

First Date Questions


Some things guys ask can catch you off guard. Here, the perfect responses.

If He Asks:
‘Why is someone as great as you still single?’
Reply: ‘I’m holding out for someone equally great. What about you?’ This retort is breezy and confident and shows you’re loving single life… until you meet Mr Right.

If He Asks:
‘Why did your last relationship end?’
Reply: ‘Things were never the same after the reality show ended. With the cameras turned off, we realised we just didn’t click.’ Cracking a joke will defuse potential awkwardness and keep the vibe positive.

If He Asks: ‘Have you ever had your heart broken?’
Reply: ‘Yeah, haven’t we all?’ This conveys that you’ve moved on. If you haven’t had a broken heart, tell him ‘I’ve been hurt in the past, for sure, but I’m lucky that I’ve never been crushed.’

If He Asks: ‘Do you want to get married and have children?’
Reply: ‘Eventually. When I meet the right person.’ This lets him know you’re up for getting serious, but aren’t going to settle for just anyone.

If He Asks: ‘Are you over your ex?’
Reply: ‘It took a while to move on, but the relationship wasn’t working anymore.’ This way, whatever the reason you broke up (like, if he dumped you) you don’t sound angry or bitter, but mature and resolved.


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