Essential Men Facts

Essential Men Facts


Candace Bushnell, author of Sex and the City shares a few essential facts about men.

Soul-Quaking Sex Does Not Equal Soul-Mate Status: ‘Great sex with someone may or may not really mean something. But it’s a hell of a lot better than bad sex! What it comes down to is that sex is just another form of communication.’

Skip Mr Big: ‘That means a guy who will rescue you or who possesses all the qualities you want but don’t yet have. Men cannot give you that. You should be developing those qualities yourself.’

Love Isn’t Guaranteed:
‘Most women think that love is a right, that it’s ordained. Guess what? No one has to be in love with you. It’s not a given. The only person that needs to love you is you.’

You Will Know He’s The One: It’s true. You won’t be calling your friends saying, "I don’t know if he is interested." There won’t be drama. He’ll be as into it as you are.’

It’s Good To Emulate Them:
‘I’ve asked a lot of men about their top priority, and most of time, it’s career and achievement. Your life is about the development of your story, what adventures happen to you. That’s the romance of life.’


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