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Chillin', Island Style pg1


Intrepid COSMO blogger, Yolanda Bilang, gives us the low-down on hanging in paradise for the weekend.

The COSMO swimwear team have been grinding away over the past few days, so we all indulged in a much-needed day of R&R today (some of us needed it more than others due to an impromptu cocktail party down at the beach last night). The genre of choice was some head-bopping, hip-shaking, dub-step pulsating from the speakers and, as the vodka flowed, so did the funny stories, resulting in lots of loud laughter from our little private part of the beach under a star-studded sky.

Call it Murphy’s Law, but the next day dawned drizzly, messing with my intention of being a fun, fearless female and testing out the water sports. So, I decided to make today all about indulgence, instead. Knowing that the rest of the team was taking it easy, I decided to treat myself to a bit of a lie in. Now, I know I have mentioned this before, but the beds here are just the business. You could get lost in them for days and, being so big, you could try every possible Karma Sutra move under the sun without even touching the sides. It is a bit of a shame, really to be all on my lonesome (note to self: bring hot, sexy man along next time).
Indulgence number two was the food. If you generally struggle to order off a menu, you’ll get totally flustered by all the mouth-wateringly yummy options available here at Lux Belle Mare. And, worst of all, I discovered it’s a cruel, cruel world – Kaone, one of our breathtakingly beautiful swimwear models not only manages to eat her own starter, main course and desert, but she has a habit of tasting everybody else’s food, too. Somebody please tell me how it is even possible to still look that bloody fabulous in a G-string?! Oh, and she’s an awesome person, too. Indulgence number three was an hour long relaxation massage. For this, four words: orgasm on a massage bed… I felt like I was walking on clouds by the end of it.

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