Bogus Excuses

Bogus Excuses


Think he’s avoiding sex? These seemingly plausible explanations are sometimes just BS.

‘I have a big day at work tomorrow and need to rest.’ Climaxing actually clears his head and can help him sleep – meaning it allows him not to think about sex as much so he can focus on his work.

‘Let’s wait until this weekend when we have more time.’ Few guys ration sex activity, and even fewer would turn down a quickie. So, if he feigns concern for your sake, he might be dishonest.’

‘Sorry, honey – my head is killing me.’ An upset stomach? Yes. But unless your guy suffers from debilitating migraines, it’s probably what it sounds like; a clichéd opt out.

‘But we had sex last night!’ Unless he’s a pensioner, he’s quite capable of performing two nights in a row. If he’s accusing you of being sexually demanding, chances are his libido’s not quite what it should be. Or, he’s losing interest.

‘I’d love to, but I’m in a hurry.’ Erm… ever heard the term ‘quickie’? It’s a rare man who will turn down the offer of a quick wham-bam before he rushes out the door. If yours did, chances are something is up.


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