5 Pieces of Silly Diet Advice
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5 Pieces of Silly Diet Advice


Drink eight glasses of water a day
There is no scientific evidence to support this. In fact, overdoing the H2O just makes your kidneys work harder to excrete it. Instead, look at your urine – if it’s darker than champagne, you need to drink more. Also, up your intake if you’re exercising, hungover or eating lots of sugary foods.

Eating after 8pm makes you fat
Calories are calories, no matter what time of day you eat them, and the only way to lose weight is by taking in energy less than you expend. If you’re a big late-night snacker, stopping eating after dinner will make you lose weight – but only because you’re reducing your overall calorie intake.

Cutting out carbs will make you skinny
Yes, they’re a high energy source, but cutting all carbs means you reduce your fibre intake (a very important part of being regular), and starve your brain of the sugars it needs to function optimally. Make the carbs in your diet healthy ones, but don’t cut them out completely.

You can eat as much protein as you like because it doesn’t convert to fat
Think that huge t-bone is okay as long as you skip the chips? Wrong! Any piece of meat you eat that’s bigger than the size of your palm will be converted into calories. You’re better off eating a small piece of meat with half a baked potato and a big serving of salad.

Cutting out all fat will make you lose weight the fastest
In fact, your body needs fat to metabolise fat. Studies prove that women who include a small amount of fat in their diets actually lose more weight than those who cut it out completely. Choose avocado oil, olive oil and oil from nuts and seeds.


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