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WOW: Watch Man Break Down When His Wife Reveals She’s Pregnant – After 17 Years of Trying!

WOW: Watch Man Break Down When His Wife Reveals She’s Pregnant – After 17 Years of Trying!

CELEBS This is Why Amber Rose’s SlutWalk was Totally Necessary - Lesley Marchant | 07 October 2015 | 10:09am

Amber Rose, please adopt me.

CELEBS Kylie Jenner's New Car is Crazy - COSMO | 06 October 2015 | 03:55pm

She is 18 and drives a car worth more than my life. Celebrate!

CONVERSATION STARTERS Watch: Man Burns Down His House While Showing Off His Lighter - COSMO | 06 October 2015 | 02:38pm

This is seriously scary.

CELEBS Danish Man Responsible for Genital Mutilation Will Have His Citizenship Revoked - Christy Chilimigras | 06 October 2015 | 10:37am

He'll remain in custody.

CELEBS 16 Creative Halloween Costumes Ideas for Couples - Candice Quinton | 06 October 2015 | 10:06am

They'll fulfil all your ‘Fright Night’ goals.

CELEBS Which Springbok Players Are on Instagram? - Sbosh Mafu | 05 October 2015 | 02:56pm

The Springboks are on Instagram and you need to follow them!

CELEBS Demi Lovato Poses Naked for Photoshoot - Christy Chilimigras | 05 October 2015 | 02:13pm

'No makeup, no clothes, no retouching'.

CELEBS You're Not Being Crazy, Irrational or Overly Emotional – Here's Why - Lesley Marchant | 05 October 2015 | 12:22pm

Emotion is not the opposite of logic.

CELEBS 11 Epic Movie Houses We’re Totally in Love with - Candice Quinton | 05 October 2015 | 12:02pm


CELEBS Here Are Some Sexy Rugby World Cup Players Like You've Never Seen Them Before - Mimi Thurgood | 05 October 2015 | 11:31am

Thank you, COSMO France!

CELEBS 13 of the Weirdest, WTF Halloween Costumes You’ll Ever See - Candice Quinton | 02 October 2015 | 03:35pm


CELEBS This Terrible App Will Allow Anybody to Review You – As a Person - Lesley Marchant | 02 October 2015 | 01:26pm

This is a mess.