The A Team - Ed Sheeran
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The A Team - Ed Sheeran

- Cosmo Editor

He’s played 312 shows in one year, done five self-releases and made it big in the UK. Meet Ed Sheeran.

He’s your typical man-with-a-guitar who’s finally made it to the big leagues with his debut album The A Team. Now, we know you’re thinking ‘Cliché!’ – but that’s not the case with this singer/songwriter. His lyrics are as intelligent as they are emotional, and this has recently earned him a spot amongst the world’s top musicians. Ed Sheeran is leading the fight against musical conformity with cover songs like ‘The A Team’. It tells the sad story of a girl who’s gone from being beautiful to landing up with a drug addiction and living on the streets. (cue: big lump in your throat.)

This young artist’s songs are unpretentious and are given weight by their soothing, acoustic melodies. If there was ever a case for giving a reasonably unknown talent a chance, this would be it.

‘The A Team’, ‘Lego House’, ‘Kiss Me’


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