Not Just Another Kardashian
Cosmo Editor

Not Just Another Kardashian

- Cosmo Editor

From her tough teen years to her steamy marriage, Khloé reveals all.

It can’t be easy being the tall, Amazonian (albeit gorgeous) sister to two flawless, diminutive lookalikes. Multiply that awkwardness by about a million and you all feature in a reality series where your every conversation (including being told by your mother-agent that you’re fat), fight and bad-hair day is recorded and broadcast for the world to see. Enough to make anyone retreat in terror. But, instead of opting for obscurity, this feisty Kardashian proved her mettle by upping them one and embarking on her own popular TV show, Khloé and Lamar.

Khloé showed her gutsiness from a young age when she took the decision to leave school to be home-schooled, partly to get away from all the attention. She was barely nineteen when her father died, and even though they were divorced and Kris had remarried, the siblings remained tight with their dad. Khloé took the blow especially hard, and it was with the help of Kourtney, who insisted she start working to give her something to focus on, that Khloé’s old self re-emerged, resilient as ever.

Marriage to basketball star Lamar Odom has made Khloé shy away from the camera for the first time ever. She explains that he is a private kind of guy, and won’t allow filming when they’re kissing, for example. At the moment, the topic of babies is high on the couple’s agenda, so keep your eyes peeled for a bulge, and read more about Khloé on page 70 of the June issue of COSMO – on sale now!


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