Kelly Girl

Kelly Girl


Since winning the battle with addiction, Kelly Osbourne can’t believe how amazing her life has become.

The pretty, potty-mouthed rock heiress we first met on The Osbournes has come a long way since those televised family dramas we loved to hate to watch. And the chubby teenager-turned-fashion icon and popular star of the show, Fashion Police, can’t believe her own luck. But getting to this place wasn’t easy, and her public struggle with weight and addiction has given her a groundedness and humility that no amount of fame (or COSMO covers) is likely to change.

Her very unusual upbringing has meant that, obvious privileges aside, Kelly has had to face the considerable challenge of growing up in the public eye, a situation that hasn’t been helped by her penchant for speaking her mind. She has learnt (the hard way) to keep parts of her life private, and regrets divulging as much as she did about her cheating fiancée, model Luke Worrall.

Happier and looking more beautiful than ever with her hot metal-look hair, check out page 58 of the September issue of COSMO for more about Kelly’s new acting career, the direction her music is taking and her surprise that supermodels have issues with their bodies. Look out for our beautiful Kelly cover – on sale now.


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