Finding Fox
Cosmo Editor

Finding Fox

- Cosmo Editor

It’s easy to interpret her tattoos and penchant for swearing and speaking her mind as evidence of 26-year-old Megan Fox’s toughness, but the truth is, this A-list actress has been with her husband, Brian Austin Green, since she was 18, and prefers her quiet life with him to the LA scene any day. While she didn’t win any friends when she told a reporter that Hollywood is full of ‘narcissistic douche bags’, her refusal to buy into La-la Land’s BS is evidence that, behind her raging gorgeousness, is a pretty grounded woman.

Megan’s first big role was in Transformers, and from there she starred in Jennifer’s Body. After that, the actress who has always played seductresses or tough chicks was keen to explore her comedic side in Friends With Kids where she lent multi-dimensionality to her sweet, funny character. Her latest role is a cameo in hilarious Sacha Baron Cohen’s mockumentary, The Dictator, where she plays a fictional version of herself and has a funny hookup scene with Sacha’s character.

Not afraid of taking risks (she married her husband who is older than her by 13 years when she was barely legal) Megan trusts her gut and believes in her own inner wisdom when making major life decisions. She says, ‘I think it’s important to follow those instincts and just go with it. It’s less scary when you have a strong gut feeling.’

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