All Of Me - Estelle
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All Of Me - Estelle


You’ve got to listen to Estelle’s adventurous new album.

Keeping more or less the same persona, which contributed to the success of her first two releases, Estelle’s third album, All Of Me, hasn’t fallen short of her fans’ expectations. This time around, the UK singer and rapper gets adventurous, combining an interesting variety of genres. In her own words: ‘People are going to understand who the hell I am this time around’.

She’s managed to fly just below the superstar radar with her subtle style and good (but not always commanding) vocals, so listeners might be surprised by how great this album actually is. ‘Thank You’ pays homage to traditional R&B, while on an entirely different spectrum, a song such as ‘Do My Thing’, featuring Janelle Monae, has light beats and a lot of the ‘happy-clappy’ moments that you would expect from a pop artist. Scroll a little further through the album’s 15 tracks (which include skits with her and other creatives) and you’ll even find a surprising eighties-style tune, ‘Cold Crush’.

This album really offers a little bit of everything. All you have to do is listen to it.

BEST TRACKS: ‘Wonderful Life’, ‘Thank You’, ‘Cold Crush’


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