Here's Why Siya & Rachel Kolisi Are Too Cute for Words

Our hearts are melting ?

Rachel Smith and Siya Kolisi tied the knot in August last year, and the pair looked like a dream on their wedding day.

Mr & Mrs Kolisi. ?: @justinphotog

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If you do a mild stalk of Rachel’s and Siya’s Instagram accounts, like we did, you’ll soon be obsessing over how completely besotted they are with each other and their little family.?

Monday. #mcm

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Valentine’s Day well spent ??. Thanks Wifey @rachel_kolisi #landroverza

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Successful week-end away with my besties ✔️

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You have to watch this interview with Anele Mdoda on SABC 3’s Real Talk. It confirms what we’ve been saying all along – the family is just too cute for words!

The couple gives us insight into how they met and how they went from being friends to the couple they are today.?

Okay, enough talking – here’s the interview:

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