EXCLUSIVE: We Get Deep and Meaningful With Jimmy Nevis

Faith, lyrics and living honestly – Nevis gets deep!

In case you missed it last week (seriously though, where were you?), singing star Jimmy Nevis dropped his latest single #DWF. You can view the full music video here.

We sat down with Nevis to get the lowdown on his new track – and ended up having a proper DMC! Read on…

jimmy nevis

What inspired #DWF?

#DWF was inspired by who I am and where I find myself RN in my life. Earlier in my career, I always felt like I had to be a different person to please different spheres of my life. Call it a “coming of age”, but this song is about calling myself out and being who I am unapologetically.’

The message behind the song is inherently religious – why did you decide to go this route?

‘God is not a separate part of my life; He is always present. However, I’m also a young man experiencing life to the fullest and so I felt like I wanted to put it all out there. God is always with me, even when I go to the club. I’m not saying that I’ve got it figured out, but I am saying that I want to live an honest life – a happy life that doesn’t limit itself to the expectations of society.’

What do you mean by ‘living an honest life’?

‘Honesty is sometimes misunderstood and can cause heartache, but in the end the truth will set you free. An honest life is a life of power and strength. Your insecurities and weaknesses can turn into your greatest strength when you’re honest about it. Where there is honesty, there is power.’

How would you describe your faith?

‘My faith is my life. I hope that through my music, I get to create conversation, inspire people and portray God’s goodness.’

Was there a particular experience that led to this song?

‘No real experience. I think many of us become “Friday Night Killers” and then “Sunday Righteous Babes”. I feel like I was being judged for having a drink or going out with my friends and it almost feels like I wasn’t suppose to talk about that. We all have our shortcomings; I’d just rather be honest about mine.’

jimmy nevis

Part of the song is about staying true to yourself despite your huge success – what else helps you stay grounded?

‘My faith keeps me grounded. My struggles, my community, my friends and my family keep me grounded. The song is really exploring honesty. I’m part of a crazy industry, and even through all the fake I try and stay as real as possible. My first album was recorded entirely in my bedroom cupboard. My first year in this industry, I hardly got paid – it was more about exposure and trying to hustle. Many people didn’t know that because I played it cool.’

What’s been the most crazy experience of your career?

‘Opening for Pharrell Williams; meeting songwriters who’ve worked with Beyoncé and Katy Perry – there are too many to count!’

What are your goals for 2017?

‘I plan to release an album in June. I’m also launching a limited-edition clothing line called York Yard, inspired by my childhood. It’s a winter line with many awesome activations dropping before July 2017. So watch this space!’

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