Celebrities Who Have Spoken Out About Their Nude Photos Being Leaked

This is heartbreaking

Blac Chyna is the latest victim to the awful, violating act of having your private nude photos leaked, thanks to Rob Kardashian. It’s called revenge porn, and it is a prosecutable offence. But still, publishing naked photographs of women without their permission online is sadly not that uncommon. Here, a few celebrities who have had it happen to them, and spoke publicly about it:

Jennifer Lawrence

Who could forget the gross iCloud leaks of 2014, where hackers posted hundreds of private photos stolen from (mostly) female celebrity accounts. Jennifer Lawrence was one of the victims and spoke up about it to Vanity Fair: ‘It is not a scandal. It is a sex crime. It is a sexual violation. It’s disgusting… Anybody who looked at those pictures, you’re perpetuating a sexual offence. You should cower with shame.’

Scarlett Johansson

Topless photos of Scarlett Johansson intended for Ryan Reynolds were stolen off her phone and published online. The hacker, who also targeted Christina Aguilera, was sentenced to 10 years in jail for being a creepy freak (well, for hacking, but we can read between the lines).


Back in 2009 Rihanna had her phone hacked and the naked photos she sent to her then-boyfriend were leaked all over the Internet. While she was embarrassed and upset, in classic Rihanna style she didn’t give in to the haters and apologise for living her life: ‘They were for my boyfriend at the time, if you don’t send your boyfriend naked pictures, then I feel sorry for him.’

Jessica Brown Findlay

Jessica Brown Findlay (aka Lady Sybil on Downton Abbey) was also a victim of the iCloud hacking scandal. She stayed quiet for a while, eventually saying that she wanted to ‘start speaking up. I want the world to really start looking into the treatment of women, particularly on the Internet. Because, to me, there seem to be two sets of rules: one for the real world and one for the cyber world. I don’t understand why, in a society where we are encouraged to live through the internet, that that forum is not being better policed.’

Vanessa Hudgens

Remember when Vanessa Hudgens, known to everyone as the young cutie from High School Musical, had her private nude photos stolen? She described it as the worst moment of her career and ‘just a really shitty situation that sucked’. Later that year, more photos emerged and she discussed it again: ‘Whenever anybody asks me, would I do nudity in a film, if I say that it’s something I’m not comfortable with, they’re like, “Bullshit, you’ve already done it.” If anything, it makes it more embarrassing, because that was a private thing. It’s screwed up that someone screwed me over like that. At least some people are learning from my mistake.’

Gabrielle Union

When Gabrielle Union found out she was also one of the famous women to be targeted by the iCloud hackers, she released an amazing letter about it. ‘If I show my husband my naked body, it doesn’t mean everyone gets to see it. And people sometimes argue: but you wear skimpy bikinis — what’s the difference? The difference is that you are the one who chooses whether to show your body. When billions of people on the Internet can see you naked without your consent, it’s a crime.’

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